About us



Hello, our names are Rachel and Gabrielle Newman, we are Identical Twins and the CEO’s of NOW Collection. We are from the south side of Chicago, currently located in Los Angeles, CA. We moved to California to pursue our careers in the entertainment industry as singers and actresses. So far,  our careers are going great! However, something was missing. We always had a vision to start a clothing line. We always dreamed of impacting people through fashion. Well, it’s no longer a DREAM it’s NOW a REALITY. Having this opportunity motivates us to inspire you. We are so excited for you to check out our styles and apparel. Don’t forget to subscribe to our store to stay updated on our custom styles designs. Thank you for visiting our store. Let’s continue build a community! until then let’s make NOW look good!


NOW Collection brings to you custom designs, premium activewear and fashion forward apparel. We believe and  strive for success while carrying out the needs of our customers. Our mission is to inspire you to not waist any moments to live in the NOW. We promise to work hard to exceed excellence and integrity by focusing on the quality of our brand for every customer to enjoy!